"When we were planning to renovate 50% of hotel suits, we invited six companies to participate in the tender. Finally, we have selected "Shine Glaze, Inc." due to their high quality and professionalism. Presently, we have signed a service contract with "Shine Glaze, Inc." for "The Helmsley Hotel" franchise."

Havier, Chief Engineer of "The Helmsley Middletown Hotel" 212.755.3000

"Four years ago, we used the services of two companies to do bathtub reglazing. However, when we have encountered certain problems, we decided to find a new contractor. We came across "Shine Glaze, Inc." and asked them to do a test job for us. And now "Shine Glaze, Inc." is our exclusive contractor."

Lenny, Renovation Manager, Rockrose Development Corp. 212.375.1155

Shine Glaze Inc.